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Building Updates

1/20/2022 Update

Well as we all know the weather has not cooperated with our building project, so I will try to bring everyone up to speed with the project.
Weather permitting we should finish the grading around Feb. 4th. Concrete for the floor is scheduled for the the11th. The concrete needs to set for about two weeks. Setting of the steel is scheduled for March 14th this should take about two weeks. The bricklayers are scheduled for the 3rd week of April, this should take about 3 weeks. Heat and air installed around the end of April. Weather permitting and being able to find help we should be in the building by the end of June.
Everette shared that materials and help is hard to find, he referred to all of the large apartments that are being built in our area.
He thinks that this is a workable schedule.
If you have any questions or comments please let me know.